I am interested in creating narratives of the underworld, told through handmade animations. My process includes drawing, painting and printmaking, which I combine to create a world of madness. I also use videos and installations to build an immersive space which brings viewers into this world.

Within these worlds, I construct characters - a rubber chicken man, a blackbird man, and a clockwork robot - whose symbolism is shown through their alien appearance.The characters are child-like, uninhibited, and internally tormented. A rubber chicken man who can only express himself by screeching. A red boy kills himself to get revenge. These characters act as a foil to the darkness of humankind, and the brutality of the post-totalitarian and viciously capitalist world they reside within.

Finally, I create these worlds to criticize the nature of civilization, its principles, and the oppression of the weak by those in power. My goal is to warn viewers of the ludicrousness of our real world and, in a way, question the idea of utopia.