Zeyi Li,born 1991 in Qingdao,China,now work and live in Chicago.



2015-2017 MFA, School of the art institute of Chicago,Printmedia department, Chicago

Group Show

OPEN 3.0, Slate Arts + Performance, Chicago.USA.2018

Play the Fool, Comfort Station, Chicago.USA.2017

MFA Show, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Sullivan Gallery, Chicago.USA.2017

The 16th China Pingyao International Photography Festival,Shanxi,China.2015

The 15th China Pingyao International Photography Festival,Shanxi,China.2014

BEIJING International Photography Week,Beijing World Art Museum,Beijing,China, 2014

"Micro · Implicit" Young Artists Exhibition,Shanxi,China,2013

International Photography Exhibition for Chinese, Japanese and Korean College Students,Korea,2013

International Photography Exhibition for Chinese, Japanese and Korean College Students  Harbin, China,2012


Athens Animfest 2019, Athens, Greece. 2019

Streetlight at Wedge Projects, Wedge Projects, Chicago, USA. 2019

Light Green Light 1: Intervene with Animation, Comfort Station, Chicago, USA. 2018

Palm Springs Intl. Animation Festival & Expo ,CA, USA. 2018

San Diego Underground Film Festival, San Diego, USA. 2018

Streetlight, Roman Susan, Chicago, USA. 2018

Athens Animfest 2018, Athens, Greece. 2018

Moving Picture Festival, Nieuwmoer, Belgium. 2017

Embarras Valley Film Festival, Charleston, USA. 2017

The London Monthly Film Festival, London, UK. 2017

Tlermita International Film Festival, Spain, 2015

Brazil International Film Festival, Brasília, Brazil, 2015.

Skepto International Film Festival, Gagliari, Italy, 2014


(Upcoming) Brooklyn Art Space/Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA. 2019 

Vermont Studio Center Residency Program,Johnson, USA.2018


VSC Merit Grant, Johnson, USA.2017

Ox-Bow Merit Scholarship,Naugatuck,USA.2017

second prize, Beijing International Photography Week ,Beijing,China,2014

second prize,International Photography Exhibition for Chinese, Japanese and Korean College Students  Harbin, China,2012


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